Hazaar rahen mud ke dekhi

One day, Neema's brother Mahendra sees Arun with another woman. On Abhinandan's fourteenth birthday, Arun shows up on Neema's doorstep - only to be told that their son has run away from home. Arun, who is completely innocent of the charge of adultery, is extremely unhappy with this humiliation, especially after Neema makes problems and nuisance even during the few minutes every week when he is allowed to meet his son. Rishton Ke Saare Manzar.

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Abhinandan undergoes the required operation successfully with Neema and Arun on either side of his bed. He happens to get sick just outside the house of Dr. DkhiSulakshana Pandit. Hazaar Rahen Mud Ke Dekhin 5, views. Arun assumes that the new woman in his father's life is a floozy and a gold-digger.

Arvind passes away from the trauma of seeing his life's work destroyed. Actually, Neema is telling the truth.

They are compelled to move to a shanty apartment. Hindi-language films films Indian films Indian romance films Indian family films Indian drama films s Hindi-language films Films scored by Khayyam.

Hazar rahein mud ke dekhi kahin se koi sada na aayi. On Abhinandan's fourteenth birthday, Arun shows up on Neema's doorstep - only to be told hazar their son has run away from home.

In college, he falls in love with Hazwar Kolhapurewho is his classmate.

Mahendra asks Neema to sell her jewellery and provide him with funds so that he can immigrate to Germany. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat With the approval of their respective families, they get married.

Abhinandan known affectionately as "Nandu" gets over his issues concerning paternity and develops into a healthy, college-going young man.

Hazaar Rahen Mud Ke Dekhin

He decides to wait until his son is 14 and then take him home. A little indiscretion is a Hindi movie written and directed by Esmayeel Shroff.

De,hi Kumar Choudhary is an elderly, wealthy businessman whose wife is dead and who lives in a palatial mansion with his only son, Arun Rajesh Khanna. Zindagi Mein To Sabhi. O Mere Dil Ke Chain.

Chords for Hazaar Rahen Mud Ke Dekhi - Kumar Sanu

Rishton Ke Saare Manzar. He and arhen father are required to pay for the loss of value, and as a result, the Choudharys lose all their savings, building, vehicles and property. Neema takes her son Abhinandan and relocates to Nashik to live with her second brother Narendra and his wife. Rajesh Khanna Shabana Azmi. She becomes a bit interested in Arun's whereabouts.

Badi wafa se nibhayi tumne hamari thodi si bewafi. She goes back to her father's house to live with him and Mahendra. Jahan se tum mod mud gaye the ye mod ab bhi wahin pade hain. Mmud takes over the reins of this family, and it is necessary for him to interact with his stepmother to settle various legal matters.

She does what he wishes, with the result that he leaves for Germany, never to be heard from again. Abhinandan returns to see his mother and gives her the news that he has found his father.

Apni To Jaise Taise. However, Arun does not want to meet her or be reconciled with her because of the bitterness of the past.

One day, Neema's brother Mahendra sees Arun with another woman.

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