You have a limit of 2 activation on different hardware or operating system. Once purchased, you will receive a Serial Number via email. You get two installations, and can reset them every 30 days.

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PrecipitFX - New Rain Effects for Flight Simulator

We created a set of new visually accurate textures and effects that will change your Flying experience! Sign in Already have an account? All times are GMT In this review, I will go through what this product includes, and each individual effect that it adds to the simulator. We optimize our products in such a way that we are able to create effects without a significant drop in frames per second FPS. FSFX Packages was founded by real-world pilots who are also experienced planespotters.


We reset this goal every new year for the following year's goal. Depending on the size of the ;recipitfx, different touchdown effect will be generated. Posted July 5, These are believed to be the best-looking vortices in the Flight Sim community! New enhancements, new graphics! Buying PrecipitFX will give you 1 license to be activated on a single system.

These rain and snow textures will enhance the realism of every of your flights! Therefore, we have experienced first-hand all the effects that we preclpitfx making them ultra-realistic. I have downloaded them for years, some are good. So sorry I can't recommend this product which looked so promising.

I have tried everything to get it to work on AI and no luck. You can get a great idea of the level of realism of PrecipitFX textures looking at the various pictures provided. Precipit refuses to precupitfx for me in V4.


The rain and snow displaced by the wheels will never have looked that good before! I recommend checking out the latest PrecipitFX videos online for the full experience. Published on File download at developers website after purchase of preclpitfx Registration key after purchase, see order prceipitfx page in customer account This package can be used on any airplane in Microsoft Flight Simulator X or Prepar3D.

PrecipitFX, weather-induced visual effects! Plus, they look great! Before you can install the product, though, you also have to create an account with OldProp Solutions where you are given the option to activate your key within the launcher.

Where do we take our experience from?

Brake smoke is a great feature that enhances the realism of any rejected take offs, emergency precipitf or hard braking landings! I would imagine the same trick can be used with other AI traffic programs.

We also made changes to the way we generate our effects. There are five intensities of rain and snow. The result is that your entire simulator world is revamped.

PrecipitFX (download) (FSFX Packages PrecipitFX)

VAT All sales based on Euro. The manual is a full color 8-page PDF and covers the product well. Flight Simulation's Premier Resource!

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