J. river media center 17.0.122

Thumbnailing of TV recordings in TS format followed general video setting for thumbnail capture position instead of TV setting. Thanks again MrC for you reply, Quote. Limits enforced on number of files in playlist and total per user. Instead, Episode ID, if available, is saved in the field.

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JRiver Media Center Free Download

AndyV Recent member Posts: Panel - After a file was finished playing, the player would get an extra play command when starting the next file. Internal m. to the Regex implementation smaller binaries all around.

Panel - When playing to other zones, Panel would think there were three files in the playlist if it was empty. Italian translation updated thanks, Massimo.

Just select the tracks, and enter the album name, selecting one of the suggested variations you have. Medai can specify a folder on an alternative hard disk for TV recording and time-shifting must be on a different hard drive.

This change should not have any user noticeable effect.

JRiver Problem with Tags -Album split

Seems this forum doesn't allow me to attach mpl files. Added the command "Tag Dump" to the add box for the new Tag window. Untested, please test and report how it works. Instead the selection will be used to populate the Tag Action Window and the like. Theater View could crash in recent builds if "Expression to Display" was used in a view. This works for all DirectShow video file playback and time-shifted live TV.

Now search resets the drop down pane selection. Panel - The number of plays stat was being increased repeatedly under some conditions. SatIP channel manipulation bugs caused channels loaded from the server not playable.

Downloading JRiver Media Center 17.0.122

When picking a search suggestion that didn't change the search text, it would not properly apply the rule to the view. Panel - The System Settings button on the Settings page will not show up unless the user has full authentication. When a view is locked, 170.122 will load the last view location at startup instead of loading the start location. I have no other explanation for this.

J. River Media Center version history

Fields marked for searching will be searched by default even if they're a large data type like the description field. Once I changed Album Artist to blank and refreshed that seems to have worked.

Updated FFmpeg to version 4. Smartlists based on rules. Most notably, the 3 'filename' fields are not available.

So it appears you set Album Artist auto which says "[Varies]" to individual values? Added some logging when stopping transport stream TV recording.

Panel - Added a repeat button to the Playing Now page for the local player. Panel - The Streaming page button is always visible regardless of the selected zone.

There was some time ago a bad build of the Synology firmware that caused me weird problems the new firmware fixed it.

Panel - Panel will display cover art or thumbnail when playing to a zone other than the browser. DLNA server, the cover art update from Made the Send To menu no longer list hidden zones.

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