Carlos ponce y aaron diaz santa diabla

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Guitar Santa Diabla - Aaron Diaz y Carlos Ponce (Tema Principal) [Telemundo] Chords

Popular Artists Popular Songs. He wishes to make Santa his wife by force and the truth finally comes out when people find out it is Santiago who is behind the many murders in Marrero County.

So, alternatives are csrlos Devil', 'Saintly Demon', etc. A successful litigator, he is an exclusive part of the Cano Robledo firm, run by his father. Click this button to skip to the next video. Santiago is placed in a mental asylum and it is left unclear if he escapes. Fearful of losing his daughter, Vicente did his best to keep Ines protected from any outside environment. Watch artist interviews here. Santiago's mental disease dissociative identity disorder causes him to kill people at will and he exhibits strong psychopathy.

Aaron Diaz y Carlos Ponce - Santa Diabla by ENTAffair | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Designed and developed by. Where he is raped. Music for your Website.

Listen to gems from the s, s, and more. Click to see the original lyrics.

Always play videos fullscreen. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 30 March Telemundo aired the serial as part of its season.

Show my social media links facebook. Re thanks to youthanks so much. In the end Santa chooses Humberto despite the fact that people think he is evil she knows he has been the good guy the entire time. To watch videos non-fullscreen: The 'Diabla' is the feminine form of 'Diablo', meaning 'Devil' or 'Demon'.

He left her virtually confined to her home with tutors who went to teach her about the world, instead of allowing her to know it on her own. Humberto is killed by Santiago and Santa caros tells him that she becomes pregnant with his child.

Santa Diabla 9 translations Translations: Retrieved July 18, The History of Popular Music. Although Humberto portrays the evil brother throughout aarln of the story, toward the end it is uncovered that he was doing things to help hide the fact that Santiago Cano was really the evil brother. When he returns to the parental home, he discovers that his brother is getting married.

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