Comsol multiphysics 4.3b

The new Electroanalysis user interface provides equations, boundary conditions, and rate expression terms for modeling mass transport of diluted species in electrolytes using the diffusion-convection equation, by solving for electroactive species concentrations. However, the SST model is a popular tool for general engineering applications and has been applied successfully to many other situations. Using the Cylinder feature for an imported mesh, you can partition the mesh according to an element set defined by the coordinates of a cylinder.

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This model includes two separated fluids with different temperatures which flow through the heat exchanger, one flows through the tubes tubeside and one through the shell around the tubes shellside. Electroanalysis The new Electroanalysis user interface provides equations, boundary conditions, and rate expression terms for modeling mass transport of diluted species in electrolytes using the diffusion-convection equation, by solving for electroactive species concentrations. More Resources Back to top.

The results are compared with an analytical solution based on the flat piston approximation.

The damage is calculated using the Palmgren-Miner rule and takes into account the influence of the R-value which can be provided through the limiting S-N curve. Infinite Electrolyte and Electroanalysis For simulating current distribution in electrolytes that are much larger than the modeling domains, there is now a new Infinite Electrolyte boundary condition in ,ultiphysics Secondary Current Distribution and the Corrosion, Secondary user interfaces.

COMSOL® b System Requirements - Windows®, Mac OS X, Linux®

Simulation results reveal highly directed heat conduction through the material with heat originating at the center disk. Electrical Contact The new Electrical Contact feature calculates the electric current between two surfaces in contact with a conductance that varies with surface properties combined with mechanical contact pressure. Periodic Structures for Electromagnetic Waves Periodic ports for transmission and reflection of waves incident on multiphhysics structures in 3D.

The visualization shows isosurfaces of the acoustic pressure in a car interior. All Implicit Events in the model are shown in the table and the user selects the ones to trigger a stop. This model illustrates how to calculate design parameters like magnetic forces and stiffness for an axial permanent magnet bearing.

Transient simulation results confirm gold film thickness on both the sample and structures within the evaporator chamber. Excel files can now be exported from Tables.

The Beam Envelope Method requires knowledge of the main-direction of propagation and complements the conventional electromagnetic full-wave propagation methods also featured in the Wave Optics Module.

The Multiphysucs operations, Union, Intersection, Difference, Compose, and Partition, now support all types of geometry objects: The user can now choose to have the solver steps before and after the stop added as solutions.

Thin impermeable barrier Multipurpose: A model of a directional coupler formed from two interacting waveguides was developed using the Wave Optics Module. These types of materials are used as passive coolers for flat screens and smart phones.

System Requirements - 4.3b Interfacing Product Suite

The software is usually provided with your hardware. Multipurpose Back to Top. The electric field is expressed as the product of a slowly varying envelope function and a rapidly varying exponential phase function, without the traditional approximations. These types of heat exchangers are found in lab-on-chip devices in biotechnology and microreactors, for example, for micro fuel cells.

A Gaussian beam is launched into a BK-7 optical glass. The model contains a vomsol dimensional-parametric sweep which computes the drain current for different applied voltages for different gate voltages.

カタログ・事例紹介 | 計測と制御とCAEソフトウェアの計測エンジニアリングシステム株式会社

New Units Three new units have been added for more convenient modeling: Setting the Center of Rotation for Rigid Connector The center of rotation for a rigid connector can be defined as the centroid of an arbitrary combination of geometrical entities, which does not need to be part of the selection for the Rigid Connector itself.

Plasma Module Collisionless Heating A collisionless heating feature mutliphysics been added based on the Hagelaar model.

The lumped model is coupled to a 2D axisymmetric Pressure Acoustics model describing the surrounding air domain. A friction heat source can also be represented, including a multiphysiics partition coefficient. Five new add-on modules open new frontiers in multiphysics simulation. It models the thermal and electrical behavior of two contacting parts of a switch. Thin Screens for CFD Screen feature for thin permeable barriers such as wire-gauzes, grilles, and perforated plates.

E Reflected visible light passes through the glass. Multi-Wavelength Heat Radiation Surface-to-surface radiation with multiple wavelengths enables greenhouse effect modeling and more. This magnetic rotor is also known as a Halbach rotor.

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