Cwcheat for psp 6.60

I tried looking up for the solution to my problem but the answer never came and I'm stumped. But none of the pre-made codes that are already in the db file will give me anything other than or AP per battle Apr 8, Bacoor, Cavite.

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PSX cheats aren't just "set this memory value", there's other forms they can take, such as code modification on certain triggers and other crap I'm not even aware of.

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AbnormalAdept Jan 2, at 6: I don't want to feel like I'm making this for you. Here a visual example of what this plugin does:.

Scroll to the word "Back", and press X.

What cheat plugin to use on 6.60?

PikachuPrincess23 Dec 30, at 3: Do you already have an account? PikachuPrincess23 Dec 30, at 4: Similar threads with keywords: PikachuPrincess23 Dec 30, at 3: Do you already have an account? Also the fo of the set value differs as well. I'm feeling generous, and I kinda felt like showing you a sorta good How-To that you can Copypasta into the first post if you'd like.

I have a hacked psp on CFW Psl.

CheatMaster Fusion never worked at all for me. The plugin will create a folder for every game you take a screenshot, this folders can be found at:.

CWcheat for ME released ! -

This plugin allow you to organize the games by: If fkr aren't scroll over to them, and press X again. No, create an account now. Separate names with a comma.

Dec 1, E-Arth. Like on the first step, just mention that the PSP needs to be hacked. No, create an account now. Bold the steps to help distinguish between them more, and try to separate important information such as file paths from just the general lines of explanation.

66.0 Jan 3, at 7: Similar threads with keywords: AbnormalAdept Jan 2, at 6: Your name or email address: You must log foe or sign up to reply here. Just thinking about it reminds me of the good old days with the Gameshark Pro. Download the CWCheat plugin for your firmware.

Jun 7, The Universe. Everything seemed to be in order but the cheat menu just doesn't activate when I play my game. One byte is max, two isetc is two FF's added, minus one, so it could just be some multiplier in-game working on the maxed single-byte value.

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