Dxtbmp 4.00.95

Quality on a colour display will not be very good although some programs can be set to dither images down. Major update to several of the dlls mwgfx. You will be offered C:

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Even though the code has been updated many times A few highlights Also fixed a bug in Targa32 Save. The system for loading and saving has been greatly simplified.

Palette Bug in Dxtb,p Bitmap write squashed. Added support for 32 bit Extended Textures. The Version number will be on the second Tab.

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Increased options when saving mipmapped images. My textures seem to be ALOT more blurry now than they used to. Added prefs option to choose a different drive for temp files for users without a C: Many thanks to Christian Fumey.

Preview of save formats. This page was generated in 0. Supports 8 bit, 32 bit and DXT1 4. Finally got acceptable colour remapping for R8 Write.

Minor fix to DXT1A unmipped save. Corrected a bug in the Reading of "odd sized" 16 bit BMP. Started compressing the dll. Useful for FS RePainters 4. Download latest Version of the DLL set. Nevertheless, you should know you can another one by simply accessing a dedicated entry in the menu bar.

Just download to a temporary directory then browse 4.00.5 Windows Explorer and double-click the. I installed the latest version. It is possible to use it alongside an image editor, and the default one is Microsoft Paint.

Graphics Utilities

Several "Save as" options let you select a different format to save in. If you encounter any problems running on XP or Win please contact me dxbmp the reason is likely to be something easily corrected.

Large number of mip filter and process options added, Full support added for DDS 8, 15 and 24 bit. See if installing the latest version fixes your problem.

DXTbmp issue

It also means that image files can be dragged and dropped onto the program icon or shortcut icon to make DXTBmp open with that image loaded. Finally got Compressed-R8 Working!!!!! All programs require mwgfx. Bugfix to correct the "Black texture" problem when loading Normal images.

Major update to several dxbtmp the dlls mwgfx.

DXTBmp 4.00.95 [Setup+Crack].zip

I save the texture as a 16 Bit BMP. Tweaks to the mwgfx code to fix a problem it was causing with FSDS2.

A single "Open" option lets you select which type of file to open. Now the right way round thanks Ray 4. Now the right way round thanks Ray.

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