Pramita mallick rabindra sangeet

So it was a natural progression of the learning process to embrace the different styles and forms that make up the Tagorean repertoire. Why is it then we know of you as an exponent of only Tagore songs? In spite of the late hour, Ms. Pramita has been giving recitals, lectures, demonstrations, conducting workshop in different parts of the world since the mid-eighties.

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I am all for experiments if it adds to the spirit of Tagore's songs, but very much against meaningless music arrangements which destroy the soul of a song. We enjoy thriving under his influence. The size of ragindra audience may have shrunk but there is a still a strong demand. Renowned Rabindrasangeet singer Pramita Mallick recently performed in Boston.

These programmes based prwmita plays and song of Tagore, folk songs, contemporary Bengali songs, classical dances and instrumental music have been widely acclaimed rabinra over the world. Baikali has presenteda number of different programmes in the UK, Australia and all over India. One of the foremost exponents in the field of Rabindrasangeet as live performer, recording artiste and guru, Pramita Mallick was born and raised in Santiniketan, West Bengal where Tagore's legacy became a way of life.

Mallick graciously engaged with us in the conversation. I am primarily a Rabindrasangeet singer — at least, I consider myself as such, although I trained in many types of music.

Prane Bajechhe || Pramita Mallick || RABINDRA SANGEET || BHAVNA RECORDS

She also has a large number of Cds to her credit. She had been singing on All India Radio and Doordarshan since andrespectively. Each rendition was introduced with a brief history and its context.

She continues the Tagorean tradition of scholar-performer-teacher inculcating in her students at her school Baikali, Kolkata a life-long relationship with Rabindrasangeet. Pramita has been giving recitals, lectures, demonstrations, conducting workshop in different parts of the world since the mid-eighties.

Prane Bajechhe || Pramita Mallick || RABINDRA SANGEET || BHAVNA RECORDS - video dailymotion

That was a wonderful performance! This institution had been proud to have the legendary singer Suchitra Mitra as it President. While cultural evolution is a natural progression and inevitable, one must be careful of the changes and ensure that the original meaning is not fundamentally altered. Sangeet Mahasamman by the Govt.


In spite of the late hour, Ms. She describes her journey into the world of dance and shares her secret of continuing to dance at the age of Gaurav A awarded by the Rotary Club of Calcutta in The good news is that there are still some who maintain the purist tradition and there is an audience that demands this type of purity.

Mallick oversees the cultural scholarship program.

In many ways we have not been able to come out of the shadow of Tagore. I am glad you enjoyed it and thank you for coming.

Among various awards received by Mallicm - Sangeet Sarman by the Govt. We promise to be quick. With her rich voice, mastery of the music, her deep understanding of the genre, and her performance, Ms. I am happy to talk to Lokvani. Mallick grew up with a deep appreciation of Tagore and all things Tagore. Among various awards received by Pramita.

Evolution goes through many phases, some good, some not so great. Rabindranath Tagore has a unique and strong presence in the Bengali culture and mind.

Post a new message. She has taught dance to over students.

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