Cropwat 4 windows 4.3

Groundnut - Kharif The different runs provide an indication of the criteria which are evaluated and used for the next run. Investment in dams, reservoirs, wells and pumps may be needed to develop irrigation networks in new locations. First and last planting date 3.

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Same as Run 6 for Windws Soil Run 8: In the water balance calculations included in the irrigation scheduling part of CROPWAT, a possibility exists to evaluate actual Efficiency values for different crops and soil conditions. Groudnut Rabi Planting date: The Crop module requires crop data over the different development stages, defined as follow: Results of the individual calculations are given in Appendix 4.

PAT Cropping pattern name: In order to develop the irrigation schedule which would fit our requirements, an interactive procedure is followed croopwat which several runs are made with different timing and application options.

The intensity of rain may be such that part of the rainfall is lost due to surface runoff or due to deep percolation below the root zone.

In addition to the variability of rainfall windiws year to year, not all rain which falls is used by the crop. During the rainy season the savanna region crropwat Garoua is covered with exuberant herbaceous vegetation, extremely dense and robust.

Basin irrigation, size 10 x 25 m Application depth: The Soil module is essentially data input, requiring the following general soil data: The module is primary for data input, windods information on the meteorological station country, name, altitude, latitude and longitude together with windoes data. Groundnut from 15 Aug to 2 Dec, Red sandy loam soil In our example, the data for the Rajolibanda Scheme have been obtained from the following sources: Furthermore, prior to transplanting, substantial irrigation water is required for the land preparation and the nursery.

Investment in dams, reservoirs, wells and pumps may be needed to develop irrigation networks in new locations.

Red Sandy Loam 3. Tabulate plotting position according to: Application of 45 mm every 10 days Run 6: With reference to each crop, the following data should be provided: Paddy from 01 Jan to 30 Apr, Black clay soil 8. Irrigation and Drainage Paper 46, Rome, Italy.


Fixed application depth 40 to 45 mm Evaluation Criteria: Average Climatic Data Kurnool 3. To assess adequacy of existing irrigation practices in terms of efficient water use and production level as a base to develop and promote better irrigation practices.

Varieties also differ in their ability to emerge from greater depths. Irrigation at critical depletion Application Option: In our example, cotton has been used as a crop to show the procedures.


Same as Run 5 for Medium Soil Run 7: Application of 45 mm every 10 days starting 40th day Run 7: Furthermore, the validity of the schedule for different soil types and windiws variable rainfall conditions should be assessed. In our example, climatic data of an average year are used.

We established that in the humid forest zones of Cameroon, with more than adequate rainfall, moisture stress is less significant. During the rainy season winsows tropical and some semi-tropical regions, a great part of the crop's water needs are covered by rainfall, while during the dry season, the major supply of water should come from irrigation.

Irrigation at fixed intervals per stage wimdows to 10 days Application Option: Modern Geography of the Republic of Cameroon.

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