Jayo felony crip hop

It's amazing how he put it down. Do You Love Life. Hotta Than Fish Grease R. When I left them, it was like, 'Bam!

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It's amazing how he put it down. Next year will likely be a calmer one for Jayo Felony, a spirited gangsta rapper whose super-aggressive work is highlighted with vivid imagery and felojy punch lines. That happiness was tempered with additional disappointment when Snoop Dogg started incorporating "crip hop" into his musical repertoire, a phrase Jayo coined on "'Cause I Can," a song from E's Charlie Hustle: Streams Videos All Posts.

When I left them, it was like, 'Bam! Which is too bad, really, because while his hot air is sometimes entertaining, Jayo's enemies list overshadows a legitimate talent.

The timing came up perfect so that I could get my frustrations out and start new when the new year comes around. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

Diddy, Jayo Felony refuses to let anything hold him down. You can feel the difference with my music. I'm with my homies, where I'm supposed to be.

Trued Up Remix Real Anthem. He kept me up all night. They took me out of that for so many years.

Introspection Late Night Partying. I'm living a positive life and staying away from these haters.

Crip Hop - Jayo Felony | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. I spoke my peace, and I'm moving on to bigger and better things," Jayo said. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. You's a Character R. The main targets of his ire on Crip Hop named in honor of his gang affiliation are Jay-Z and Snoop Dogg, each dis honored with a separate track, but there's cirp of beef to go around.

Please Believe It W.

Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Jay-Z Over Dis Record".

More by Jayo Felony

Do You Love Life. In addition to Nube's album, Jayo Felony is planning to release his "Crip Hop" movie, which next year will be the first release from his Loco Films. Originally signed to Def Jam, Jayo's parting with the label was somewhat less than amicable, and he's been mad ever since. And he shows he has an ear for the all-important hook, in off-kilter but ear-catching concoctions like the loopily chanted "Swing," as well as the impressive crossover jwyo "She Loves Me" which features a guest appearance by pint-sized Young Nube, all of seven years old.

Jazz Latin New Age.

The biggest problem facing Jayocould be what will happen if he ever runs out of foes -- but a quick flip through the detailed liner notes to Crip Hop makes that seem like an unlikely prospect indeed. His new work, which will include the spring release of his If the Shoe Fits album, won't contain disses nop Snoop, Jay-Z and others.

Over a series of musical, G-funk-influenced tracks, he fekony personality to spare, with a powerful delivery that makes up for some of the routine gang-bangin' themes. Hotta Jajo Fish Grease. Snoop then included a song with that title on the Eastsidaz album, Duces 'N Trays: He released his third album, Crip Hop, three weeks ago on his own Loco Records, and he's in the process of setting up his own Loco Entertainment enterprise, which includes a film division.

I'm just a happier person being at home and being able to do what I want to do.

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