78c ai dota map

But insisting on using the and saying it is in any way comparable to modern PCs would be insane. Axl TBC January 30, at 2: Jan 19, Messages: Maybe someone can please confirm this?

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While i have not played dota2, i feel using the word inferior to describe it is really unfair, as while graphically it may be old, it is still a truly fantastic map that really challenges people's map awareness and ability to remove themselves from individual fights of jap this is only possible with in-house games, if we played ent many of these things would not be possible.

Anonymous June 6, at 1: Anonymous January 30, at 3: Dota2 is too ugly. Therefore, in order to play this map, you have to use an older patch. HappyTaurenJan 22, Anonymous January 29, at 6: Anonymous April 2, at Nowadays, we are the leader in providing the best gambling services.

Anonymous February 18, at 1: Oct 18, Messages: Of course you can still enjoy it and play it with friends, especially if it is practical to you, if you lack time and are not used to the new game, but saying that it is unfair to call it inferior is just ridiculous.

Djbenz Kkn May 10, at There is also mp project: Dat-C3Jan 4, Anonymous February 3, at 1: I want to ease your burden looking, so I am just giving you the real download link. Zheng junxai5 April 12, at 2: Karinkishi Rindomiritakaari February 3, at Oivl Blog May 22, at 2: Dota AI Mapfeed.

Anonymous September 29, at Do you already have an account? Some info from www.

Nov 3, Messages: Anonymous February 15, at 6: Dongdong Weng June 4, at Anonymous Aj 11, at The Portable Buildings need your attention, so come along and have a blast! When I actively played DotA, playdota.

DotA vc AI e "Farewell" - WC3 Maps

You are to make a Cinematic modern sound-track for this contest, so come and compete with other people for fun. MyPadMar 21, au Yeah the original dota on wc3 is quite active and a few versions are being updated. AI is much better than a pro player, to make a playable AI.

I tried it and just a suggestion, do not waste your time guys!

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