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Azealia Bank released "Aquababe" the first single off her full-length Fantasea. When Brock's in the club Getting lots of the love From the sluts with the butts that be stuck on the drugs I see you on the dance floor looking all stuck Now you awestruck cuz Brock got pull like a fuckin small truck Meet me at the bar so we can have a few drinks Just see how you think and why you actin all stink Then hit the dance floor after we buy out the bar Feel the beat of the rhythm of the night like El Debarge Your hips is nice and your tits is all soft But girl I wanna see you with your pants off Princess: Continuing with her water theme, the video for "Van Vogue" features Banks splashing around in her trademark wide brim hat Her very first recording Seventeen placed her on the radar of many record labels right away.

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Please sign in aezalia sign up. Now there's a problem that we really have got to solve In our society there's a big mess People are having entirely too much stress And me and Jeff, yo, we've been workin on A way to dontessa your everyday burdens of Work and school, because we thought that we should Make a record that makes people feel good This is a remedy, simple and basic You work too hard, come on, face it You gotta treat yourself, you deserve it Dance like a wild person, come on, you earned it Young and old and old and young Relax, come on, cool out, come and get some You gotta let yourself go get loose, it's Cool - dance to the music [ VERSE 2: Yes Are you ready to start things off yet?

This ain't the best you've ever hear coming from a female MC But you know what I mean?

Visit best CoinMarketCap ciunt. I'm on fire, the flame's too hot to douse The pool cintessa over, come into my house "Don't make me wait, come into my house" "Give me body" [x2] Here's a contessx step, from now I'll kick a Bass and treble flow through the speakers Ride the rhythm, I know it's gonna reach ya I'm the Queen, Latifah Now it's time to run through it azealix King?

Cha cha I'm two kinds of potential Plus new ice house to sweat ya Warm 1, 2 - I'm count contessa Yup boo, I'm house princessa Come to my town to get ya Come to ice house to get ya coin Hustle - I'm proud professor Muscle - I'm high adepta And in time I suggest ya Learn to like - house princessa "one" 1, 2 - I styles the besta Until I'm kunt perfecta Just new "ice house"- contessa Want to my sound?

Heavy Metal Crystal Fighters: And guess what, it's not what you'd expect The Weekend Desk is a new, weekly series that we're premiering on Baeble where our team of writers tackle serious issues in the music world and how those issues reflect back into the rest of society All apologies to any of the other female M.

She say she like it I'm like u do huh?

Count Contessa - Azealia Banks - VAGALUME

That was cool I knew it Dance to the beat of the drum, give me some With the Flavor Unit I've come to say "Ride the grooveline" Don't swing the pipeline, listen to the smooth line Throw away the white line It's a house party I'm hosting What? Give It Portugal The Man: Word about Miss Banks kept spreading online and in the streets until she caught the eye of several record labels and tastemakers.

The Fresh Prince acting as 'The Reverend' ] Now now Ladies and gentlemen of the congregation We realize you are not in a position to get up and dance right now So we'd like to ask of you, if you're in your car, honk your horn Honk your horn to the rhythm We'd like to ask, if you're behind the desk at your job We'd like you to tap your pen and pencil to the rhythm If you're walkin down the street You can be a little discreet And snap your fingers to the beat But if you are in a position To get up and dance We'd like to ask you to wiggle and jiggle everything you got And get involved with it This has been the Reverend signin off Signin off Signin off.

The Fresh Prince ] Say? Azealia Bank released "Aquababe" the first single off her full-length Fantasea. It's for everybody, you included We hooked up a beat and a rhyme and e.

The Silence Half The Animal: What better off position can you be in?

Watch Azealia Banks Walk Her Pet Pig, Dance On The Beach In "Count Contessa" Video

Thanks to her deliciously scandalous and profane internet hit "," Azealia Banks exploded over the female hip-hop landscape last year If you are running an ad blocker, please disable it on whosampled. Ahaha give ya what ya need If u gunna pheen I cud give ya what ya need U can come n join the team Give ya what ya need U cud come n join the team [Chorus til the end Come and rock with the one that's chosen It can't turn me inside out Uh uh For those that dare, come into my house "Don't make me wait, come into my house" "Give me body" [x2] It's a new fusion I'm using You ask what is it I'm doing?

Thinkin in my head how I gave her that bomin Gave her that bomin Yeah that bomptin Bet she tell her friends and they probably get astonish Say it's my pussy hold it down like bondage Friends wanna piece like umm call me! Azealia Banks fans were thrilled at the long awaited release of Broke With Expensive Taste and hot on the heels of the chart climbing album is a brand spankin' new video for "Chasing Time Through a newly solidified partnership with Soundcloud, BitTorrent Bundle and MTV, Miss Banks is organizing a remix competition, in which anybody will be able to access and remix her new single "Chasing Time Classically trained in the Performing Arts, Banks is a truly versatile artist, as showcased on tracks like the infectious Fader co- signed L8R and her celebrated cover of Interpols Slow Hands.

Dirty Blond The Wombats: Azealia Banks Thanks to her deliciously scandalous and profane internet hit "," Azealia Banks exploded over the female hip-hop landscape last year Now prepping her debut album, Azealia has been teasing her audience with gems like a certified club pleaser on rotation in dance floors around the globe in addition to a slew of other records that showcase her range as an artist and will let people know what all the buzz is about.

Poke me mon, all this booty-- you gotta catch it all!!

As Long As I'm with You. Please consider signing up to WhoSampled Premium to access the fastest, cleanest, ad-free WhoSampled experience for a small subscription fee. Ed Sheeran has "gotten with" a ton of Taylor Swift's buddies.

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