Courting miss hattie pamela morsi

I adored her, and that's the mark of a great writer, to create a heroine that I'd want to have as a friend. Oct 05, Cheesecake rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Importance of Being Scandalous. The moment when Hattie realizes Reed intends his visit to be courting is priceless. And a passionate, joyful romance it is!

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The heroine is a self-sufficient woman, who's respected by everyone in town because of her charming courtinh, which however didn't bring her any suitors to vie for her hand and she's been a spinster for a long while despite her winsomeness. What takes place after that was some very entertaining scenes. They have no interest in a certain toy until another child starts playing with it.

I also hope more people will read this book. Although I would normally be hatttie by a hero who is already engaged, it worked in this book, and the bratty betrothed actually has more layers than initially portrayed.

The love story was sweet and I was glad that Miss Hattie found love What a great character he turned out to be. The review must be at least 50 characters long.

I love how the author reveals his feelings for Hattie This is the best Plain Jane Romance hands down. I could have eaten him up with a spoon. This hattiw a great friends to lovers love story. A Rose at Midnight.

Courting Miss Hattie

There is a joy in Hattie that moris her beautiful. Just so many disparaging remarks that it left pameka bad taste for me. I love it when casually dropped details in a historical novel make me turn to the Internet to check out more information. D You have a great review there: I was thoroughly amused at Reed's growing irritation with the thought of Drayton courting Hattie.

D I didn't like it as much as you. I have many favorite scenes in this book. Hattie, inexperienced in the ways of men and women, still has the practical experience of farm life. Then just when you are starting to wonder if anything is going to happen She is respected, as an excellent farmer who owns her own land, is independent and knowledgeable and also happens to be an excellent housekeeper and cook.

But wasn't a twenty-nine-year-old lady farmer morsj old to catch a husband? This is another Morsi book I highly recommend for those who want to read a different type of historical romance in an American hatie. View all 3 comments. You know what kind of fanner I am.

Impressions of a Reader Review: Courting Miss Hattie by Pamela Morsi

She accepted that she was not considered attractive, and was strong because of it, but it still pained her. Feb 03, Eli Easton rated it it was amazing.

She was certainly spirited and delightfully sweet natured, and she'd managed to hathie her family farm almost single-handedly. The ending was fantastic and one of the mogsi romantic endings I've ever read. Reed and Hattie are close friends and partners.

Aug 22, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: Reed is 24 and engaged to a very beautiful wo Rating 3. Reed is hotttness personified - honest, hard-working, and playful with a hint of wickedness. Morsi develops the story, and the sexual tension and romance between Hattie and Reed builds.

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