Mulla ji da khatam shareef

I havent said dont send durood. As for the eating of food after the recitation is concerned, there is nothing principally wrong in that. Do you blame them too for being impressed by Hindus? About the Mubah Ibadaat, I posted many clear Ahadith of Prophet pbuh before, but you are not ready to ponder upon them. Outside of ibaadaat, the rule is the opposite:

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Wahabi or Barelvi friends won't decide the matter.

Khatam shreaf Arama Sonuçları

Video is violating privacy. The only solution is mula use one's head, and do away with these "Are you a better interpreter of the Qur'an than the Prophet" emotional lines.

Irish pound - Wikipedia https: May I invite you in new thread about discussion upon Real Concept of Bidah in Islam and ask you some counter questions? If someone objects, you automatically get so offended.

I dont agree anything on Tombs and kissing them. I can provide proof for both if needed, inshallah.

Ya Muhammad is Shirk I dont know if you do it or not. But unfortunely what I see from you is nothing but arrogance you think you are right you know better then these scholars you have a translation of Quran and hadeeth and you can take your own masails.

Allah will judge everyone with justice in the end and that is the reality. Anas said, "Um Sulaim used to spread a leather sheet for the Prophet and he used to take a midday dda on that leather sheet at her home. What if I organize a khatam with separate sections for men and women? These ceremonies provide them with food and something to do.

O ye that believe! The problem is, you have been brought up with these values. Many people back then had much of the Qur'aan memorized so they could have done something like the Qur'aan Khaani too. But then immediately discount an optional act? I already explained it before. You won't find any example of Taraveeh prayers the same way either - yet people don't seem to have any issue with it.

The Ad of Allah may peace be upon him used to wear that, and we washed it for the sick and sought cure thereby. Furthermore, these gatherings or Khatams turn out to be entertainment gatherings. In your opinion, what is the Sharee'ah ruling in gathering people to read the Book of Allaah with the intention that the benefit of the recitation returns to the one who initiated the gathering or someone who is deceased?

It is not about what is the truth only Allah knows the truth some actions can be neither farz nor waajib but highly recommended mustahab but should be never called shirk or bidah. Ya in quran means O, i. Is there a narration, which documents that Rasulullah Sallallaahu Alayhi wasallam ever performed an Ibadat like reciting Qur'an, and asking Kyatam to forward the reward to any of his deceased relatives?

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A mother that gives birth waits for forty days for ,ulla body ds readapt to a non-pregnancy mode. Momo bhai you said following in one of your posts: I placed it under his tongue, and he was buried with it under his tongue.

However, if one member of the congregation recites and the rest listen attentively, then this is better awla. Anything else is not allowed. With due respect, can you provide any verse from the Holy Quran or a Sahih Hadith regarding the practice of mourning specifically on the days you mentioned?

khatam shareef

They have not Proof for it. You have made haste in praying. Two wrong doesnt make it right. If you say Ya Ali when in need of help you are doing shirk similarly it is with Ya Mohammed.

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